A Healthy Car is a Happy Car:
Maintenance vs. Lack of Maintenance

The benefits of maintenance are clear.


Regular Maintenance vs. Lack of Maintenance


Oil Change:

  • Clean, engine lubricating oil vs. Dirty oil, and possible premature engine wear

  • Little to no engine deposits vs. Engine deposit buildup

  • Smoother running engine and peace of mind vs. Possible engine failure

  • Full synthetic motor oil generally has a longer change interval vs. conventional oil

    Kia recommends synthetic oil use in ALL Kia vehicles, and in fact, many Kia models REQUIRE full synthetic oil (check your owner's manual).

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Dirty valves vs. clean valves.

Tire Wear and Pressure Check:

  • Safer tires vs. Possible flat

  • Better road traction vs. Longer braking distance

  • More reliable tires vs. Less reliable tires

Tire tread depth comparison.